A community of powerful women that empowers other women to discover their power, own it, and tell the world who they are through personal style.

Our history

Laura Echavarría, tireless creative, author of the book Lecciones de Estilo, mother and pioneer in digital fashion communication in Colombia, created her blog Fashion Lessons in 2009, which quickly positioned itself as one of the leading fashion and personal style Nacional level . Fashion designer, and specialized in communication and trends, in 2014 she decided to launch the clothing brand with the same name, thinking of all the women who were part of her community. Providing a tool to be able to project the power of each woman through personal style and always keeping in mind the power of words.

Today LESSONS is the evolution of Laura's journey through the universe of style, a conglomerate of tools, where the main objective is to provide a space for women to discover their power and make fashion their ally to project themselves daily with a style staff consistent with its essence.

“I love inspiring women to communicate their essence through their style and everything they can wear in their day to day.” Laura Echavarria.


An intelligent concept of everyday and timeless pieces for conscious and authentic women. Perfect balance between simplicity and power. Here you will find the connection with femininity and the fluidity of the unique essence of each woman.


We are not guided by trends or the global fashion calendar, our basics are powerful essentials that will elevate the style of women, being versatile garments that can be adapted to different situations and events. And the more important, always with a message to remember.

Slow Fashion or “Slow Fashion” is a way of thinking and conceiving fashion from a doing conscious, ethical and respectful of the environment, workers and consumers.

Knowing its importance and transcendence as a production model is essential to the future of sustainable fashion.


Our commitment is with all the women in our chain, from our offices, going through our production team, with you and the foundation of Angel de la Guarda that seeks to prevent the violation of the rights of girls in Medellín. With each purchase that you make you are supporting all the women in our family.

We work with small workshops mostly made up of women who have a work ethic aligned with our values as a brand.


We have a theory and it is that you should optimize your resources, that's why Our garments are suitable for wearing many times and on different occasions. Divide the cost of the garment in the number of times you are going to use it and you will see that it is really a investment more than an expense.